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We are dedicated to helping businesses generate qualified appointments and grow their customer base.
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We're on our second month and we're already thinking of upgrading our plan.
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Our Pay Per Appointment Model

Our pay per appointment model ensures that you only pay for the leads that we generate for you, ensuring that you get the best possible return on your investment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Clarifying doubts: answers to common queries about our Pay-Per-Appointment service.
We outline what you want to get out of your appointments on your onboarding call. We then implement that into your campaign ensuring your appointments are exactly what you're looking for.
Unfortunately sometimes an appointment will not show. We will try to rebook the appointment. If the appointment does not show again we will always issue an appointment credit on your account.
We outline your target market in your initial onboarding call. However, if one does slip through the net we will issue you an appoitnment credit.
Nope! We do not have a minimum term contract in place. We believe our results keep our clients coming back. We require a 4 appointment commitment to get your campaign started.
Your appointment will be booked directly into your calendar.
We only offer our Pay Per Appointment services to B2B clients. This is to ensure we are GDPR compliant.
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