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We're on our second month and we're already thinking of upgrading our plan.

Jedeon K. Nganso
Appointments booked in the first month
First month ROI
Appointment qualification rate

About Clipmasters

Clipmasters are an all-in-one platform with a built-in global video editing workforce, trailblazing the path to easier, faster, and more efficient video post-production.

Clipmasters had the team and infrastructure ready to scale, but after trying their own outreach they just couldn't get the required flow of appointments needed to achieve their goal. 

How we helped

After trying their own outreach, the Clipmasters team realised they wanted to focus on what they do best, video editing and delighting their customers. They decided to employ an agency to do their outreach.

Clipmasters initially tried both Pay Per Appointment and another agency. After we booked 28 qualified appointments in the first month and generated a 6X ROI, and our competitor booked a mind-blowing 0... the decision was all but made for Clipmasters.