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Pay Per Appointment

Try out our qualified appointment setting service on a pay per appointment basis, or sign up to one of our retainers for a more cost-effective solution.
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How we work

Tech setup

As soon as payment is complete we will purchase your lookalike domains and mailboxes to begin the warming process as soon as possible.

Fill out our onboarding form

We'll send you an onboarding form so we can understand more about you, your business and who you want to target.

Schedule a kickoff call

Our account managers will go over your onboarding form on a call with you to formulate an initial campaign strategy.

Campaign launch

After the campaign cadence and lead list has been approved, our team will launch your campaign.

Campaign optimisation

Along with your weekly reports, your Campaign Manager will do a monthly check-in call to go over recommended adjustments to continually improve your campaign performance.
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